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Matias Fain (guitar and vocals) and Nahuel Perkal (chromatic harmonica, bandoneon, and vocals) began their artistic labor in 2016 within the “TangoRante” ensemble, with the singer Brisa Videla. Its main goal was to form a repertoire made of original arrangements of great classics, own compositions, and new compositions from fellow composers, both instrumental and sung. Many presentations where made with this group, including milongas and various concert halls from different provinces of Argentina.
With the dissolution of “TangoRante” in the early 2018, a new era began under the name of “Dúo Fain-Perkal” including voices and, in occasions, classics of Argentina’s Folklore songbook.
On August of 2018, the “Duo Fain-Perkal” released their first album, called “Etapas”, including some of the songs played by “TangoRante”. This material, recorded in the “Lomas Records”, was presented on their first European Tour in September of 2018, with more than twenty presentations in milongas and concert halls from Germany (Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen) and France (Strasbourg, Saint Girons, Tolouse).
The repertoire offered by this duet, instrumental and sung, goes through different composers of diverse eras, including own compositions, having as inspiration the work of many musicians, conductors and singers of the River Plate’s art.
This spectacle could be presented in dancing venues, because of its music marking, and in concert halls as a music show.
On the other hand, both musicians are specialized in teaching Tango, giving group classes as initiation in Tango for Guitar, Chromatic Harmonica and Bandoneon, and also musicality workshops for dancers. In this way, they look to create an in-depth approach with Tango and its characteristics.


Matías Fain
Born in 1987. Guitarist, composer, arrangerand teacher. He began his studies at an early age with Professor Juan Pablo Esmok Lew participating in the "Tocata en Seis" series, exhibiting his first works in public.
He began his professional training in 2006 at the music school of SADEM (Sindicato Argentino de Músicos) studying guitar with Professor José Cataldi and Armando De La Vega.
Between 2007 and 2010 he continued and finished his studies at the EMBA (School of Music of Buenos Aires) having as teachers Sebastián Zambrana, Abel Patrone, Jorge Trebino, Horacio Montesano and Fernando Taborda, among others.
At the same time, he attended Tango seminars with guitar orientation at the Academia Nacional del Tango where he had the opportunity to study with professors such as Aníbal Arias, Ramón Maschio and Matías Faggiano. During 2011 he held the Composition and Orchestration for Popular Music course at SADAIC with the composer and arranger José Carli. Currently, Matías continues his studies at the "Superior de Música Manuel de Falla" conservatory where he performs the techniques of Tango and Folcklore studying with musicians of great experience in these genres, such as Juan Falú, Carlos Moscardini, Cesar Angeleri, Roberto Calvo, Andrés Pilar, Marcelo Lodigiani, Nicolas Ledesma, among others.
In his professional artistic performance he is member of the TangoRante as well as Deleitango, guitar duo with male singer and female singer. It was formed in 2010 with the intention of generating a current vision through own arrangements of classical tangos, waltzes and milongas, and own compositions made by those who make up the group. Being thus, in great activity both within the circuit of milongas of Buenos Aires, as well as in theaters and cultural centers of relevance, such as the Teatro 25 de Mayo and the CC Torquatto Tasso, among others. The first record production was made in 2014 and was titled "Deleitango", and its second "Food for Fires" is composed largely by compositions in music and lyrics of its authorship. On the other hand, in 2016 the typical Orchestra La Martino, has selected one of his works entitled "Food for fires" to be included in his record production, which was nominated for the Gardel Awards 2017, within the category of best record production.

Nahuel Perkal
He was born in Buenos Aires, on 1987. Musician, teacher, arranger and composer, he started his musical studies taking private lessons of harmonica with Professor Cladio Carminati. In 2003 he began his guitar career at the "Manuel de Falla" Conservatory, and then continued from 2005 to 2011 at the "Popular Music School of Avellaneda".
He also studied in a self-taught way, Bandoneon, Harmony, Counterpoint and Orchestration.
Their participation in sets had its origin with the group of Blues and Reggae "Tenedor Libre" and then share in different duets with several guitarists, one of them called "Banquete Criollo". It was also part of the "Quartet Sin Vento", "Plaza Flores Tango" "Quinteto Finisterre", "Los Faroles", the typical orchestra "El Furgón", the Tango Orchestra of the Popular Music School of Avellaneda, the folk group "La del '30 ", "Gabán- Rock in Tango", and “Basaltar Carnavalero”. Furthermore, for more than ten years, Nahuel performs as a session player with several groups
In recent years, Nahuel was able to perform at venues such as the Uruguayan festival "Jazz a la Calle", at the National Milonga, “La Manzana de las Luces”, the National Academy of Tango, the World Tango Festival, the Orlando Goñi Theater , the Amphitheater of the Centennial Park, the Bar La Biela (as winner of the cycle "Notable Bars"), in other Notable Bars such as "El Hipopótamo" and "Los Laureles", in the Sacha Guitar Festival and in dozens of milongas, clubs and auditoriums.
He also performed in different provinces of the interior of Argentina (Chubut, Río Negro, Santiago del Estero, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Entre Rios and Corrientes), some bordering countries (Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay) and participated in the film "Pichuco", released in 2014.
His teaching performance is wide and currently he is responsible for the chair of Harmonica Tango in the "Popular Music School of Avellaneda". He also dedicates himself to give particular classes of Harmonica, Bandoneon and Arrangements in Tango.

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