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Etapas (2018)
TangoRante/Dúo Fain-Perkal
(Foto tapa y contratapa del disco)
The work you have in your hands embraces two different moments:

TangoRante, trio made up by Brisa Videla, Nahuel Perkal y Matías Fain, performing at Milongas, Concert Halls in Buenos Aires between 2014 and 2018, including  a selection of the greatest classics  of the genre together with fellow musicians’ creations and own compositions. 
Perkal-Fain Duo continuous to develop an instrumental proposal coming from different musical arrangements and own compositions based on pure feeling and the art of practice. We praise the voice of Tango that nowadays reunites with its own youth and long lasting fire that keeps lighting up our hearts. A toast to a renewed Tango, always alive!! A toast to everlasting change with solid roots!  

List of themes:
1. Responso (A. Troilo)
2. Graffiti de Tangos (D. Olivera - N. Abosky)
3. Estoy de racha (M. Fain)
4. Farol (D. y H. Exposito)
5. Danza maligna (F. Randle - C. Frollo)
6. Tristezas de la calle Corrientes (D. Federico)
7. Cosas del hacer (M. Fain)
8. Arraigo (N. Perkal)
9. Cantalo como nunca (M. Fain)
10. Tardecitas de Lanus (N. Perkal - R. Ruiz Diaz)
11. El oferton (M. Fain)
12. A don Agustin Bardi (H. Salgan)

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